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Smart-Home Technology May Lower Your Home Insurance Cost

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Smart-Home Devices

Smart-Home Technology May Lower Your Home Insurance Cost

From your phone to your charger to your AC to the water heater, everything is getting “Smart.” A smart speaker can play your favorite songs or podcasts with a voice command and even turn on your tube light. You may like to believe these intelligent devices are for your convenience, making your life a little easy, but you are still possibly unaware of how smart-home devices can help you lower your insurance costs.

These devices can keep your home secure and safe and can make you earn a discount on your homeowners’ insurance. Continue reading to learn how installing smart-home devices could bring down home insurance rates and give you the satisfaction of knowing your home is protected.

Discounts for Smart-Home Devices

Insurance companies tend to offer discounts to homeowners who have installed smart-home devices to prevent fire, theft, water damage, etc., reducing insurance company liability. The customers can get up to a 13% discount depending on their smart home devices and residential location.

What should you do to get this discount? Ask your insurance provider if you qualify for a discount on your premium if you already own a smart home device.

Why Do Insurance Companies Reward Smart-Home Devices?

If your house has the latest and updated smart-home devices, you are eligible for a discount from your insurance company. These little technologies can help you monitor changes in your house and act on them before it’s too late. Insurance firms prefer smart-home devices as they help them avoid expensive claims.

For example, insurance companies can use an app to monitor your home in real-time and determine if any unwanted activities could prove a risk for the policyholder. The insurance company can identify these risks before it turns into a costly problem for you.

Should You Buy Smart-Home Devices?

If you want to invest in a smart-device protective device but aren’t sure which ones are worth your money, analyze your home’s unique risks. For instance, investing in water sensors is essential if your home has outdated plumbing, but it is useless if you live in a community with a high crime risk.

In the latter scenario, spending on a home security system is worth it. Since water damage is the most common claim, putting sensors in bathrooms can help you prevent the same and ensure small claims don’t turn into big ones.

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At last, before installing a smart device in your home, consult with your insurer about the devices you are considering purchasing and whether they would qualify for a homeowner’s insurance discount.

Cover Your Smart Home Devices with Little & Sons Insurance

Smart-home devices include door sensors, smoke detectors, flood sensors, and more as they help people live safer lives while protecting their home investments. Moreover, it is imperative to understand that the benefits of installing a smart-home device go beyond insurance savings and offer you peace of mind.

The amount you spend on smart-home devices will pay for themselves within a few years. Contact us today if you want any insurance for your smart home devices. Our agents at Little & Sons Insurance Services will help you get the best home and business insurance.

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