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Guide to Help You Find Insurance for Your Electric Vehicle

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Electric Car Insurance

Guide to Help You Find Insurance for Your Electric Vehicle

The demand for electric cars continues to rise. Consumers are intrigued by the potential fuel savings that using an electric car may provide. Electric vehicles also receive high grades for being environmentally friendly. Perhaps you are shopping around for an electric car. Finding a strong electric car insurance policy is important.


How Does Electric Car Insurance Stand Out?

Electric cars cost more on average compared to traditional cars. Electric vehicles generally cost more because they have higher repair costs if they suffer damage. Electric vehicles also have high-level technological features installed that a traditional vehicle may not have. Auto insurance companies know the potential repair and replacement costs involved with covering an electric vehicle.


Benefits of Driving an Electric Car


  • Saves Energy

    Electric vehicles power up through service at a charging station instead of a traditional gas station. You can charge your electric vehicle at home instead of waiting in long lines at the gas station for fuel. Research shows that fueling a vehicle with gas costs more than the costs related to charging an electric vehicle.

  • Enhanced Battery Life

    While each electric car has unique battery features, they all offer some form of extended battery life. Research shows that the average electric car battery could last for 10 to 12 years.

  • Less Required Maintenance

    Electric vehicles require less yearly maintenance compared to traditional vehicles. You don’t have to make plans to change your oil regularly or make sure that your car gets a tune-up. Many electric cars allow drivers to put well over 50,000 miles before any tire or brake maintenance is required.

  • Avoids Spreading Pollution

    One of the biggest features of driving an electric car is the lack of tailpipe emissions. These harmful emissions could damage your vehicle as well as the environment. Emissions spread carcinogens into the atmosphere, including harmful matter, compounds, and carbon oxides. Electric cars minimize your exposure to these dangerous pollutants. Relying on energy for fuel instead of gasoline also helps protect the environment.

Finding an Electric Car Insurance Provider

Electric car insurance protects your car similarly to traditional car insurance policies. The policy entails liability insurance to cover you if your car accidentally injures someone or causes property damage. You also have the option to add collision or comprehensive insurance to your policy. Many of the top carriers throughout the country offer electric car insurance. While many carriers offer insurance for electric vehicles, finding a discount is not as widely available. However, you can still save a lot of money in the long run by avoiding fuel purchases. You may also qualify for a tax break.


Lowering Your Electric Car Insurance Rates

Like driving a traditional vehicle, you can lower your electric car insurance premiums over time by practicing safe driving habits. You should compare multiple quotes before choosing a policy, as that could help you secure the best rate for your budget. You should also research different programs to see if you qualify for a rebate because you own an electric vehicle.


Cover Your Electric Vehicle with Little & Sons Insurance Services

There are multiple benefits to purchasing an electric car. However, there are still risks to consider while you’re on the road. If you are looking for an electric car insurance policy that fits your needs, contact the team here at Little & Sons Insurance Services. We will find the best insurance to cover your electric vehicle.

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