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6 Effective Tips to Limit Hazards During the Holiday Season

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6 Effective Tips to Limit Hazards During the Holiday Season

During the holidays, the number of accidents reported goes up dramatically. Falls, burns, and lower back injuries are more common once the holiday season hits. Almost all accidents that occur around the holidays can be prevented with a little common sense and forethought. Taking a few minutes to correct a problem, even if it is a minor fix, can help prevent a severe injury.

Here are six tips to help you limit hazards during the holiday season.

  1. Clean up Spills Immediately

    Spills are inevitable while you are cooking. Always make sure to clean them up immediately. Spills on the floor or in the bathroom can lead to slip and fall accidents that result in various injuries. If you spill something that is sticky, make sure to mop the floor after you get the substance wiped up. Try to block off the area until the floor is completely dry.

  2. Don’t Overload Extension Cords or Wall Outlets

    Using extension cords is meant to be a convenience. Many people overload their extension cords and wall outlets. Piggybacking cords and plugging too many items into one outlet can create a fire hazard. Instead of piggybacking two or three cords together, use a surge protector and limit only one to an outlet. Always be aware of how many cords you are using in one area.

  3. Don’t Climb on a Ladder Without Support

    One of the biggest holiday hazards is hanging decorations. We climb on whatever we can to make sure the decorations are just where we want them. This often doesn’t work out so well and we overextend ourselves, resulting in an accident. Falls from a ladder can lead to broken bones, bruises, and even concussions. If you must use a ladder, it’s important to have someone with you who can steady the ladder and offer assistance if you need it.

  4. Closely Monitor Candles

    Candles are common holiday decorations. Leaving them unattended can spell disaster, especially if they are placed too close to curtains or other flammable items. Before you leave a room where a lit candle is burning, make sure to blow it out. It only takes a few seconds for a spark to start a fire that will get out of control. If you have several candles burning, make sure there is nothing flammable nearby that may come in contact with the flame.

  5. Keep the Handles of Hot Pans Away from the Stove’s Edge

    One of the most dangerous scenarios you can ever face is having hot pans on the stove. When a handle is sticking out over the edge, it is can easily be reached by small children. Bumping a handle can also cause hot liquids to be spilled. Either situation can lead to third-degree burns or other complications that can have long-term ramifications.

  6. Eliminate Clutter and Debris Both in and out of Your Home

    Trip and fall accidents are extremely common during the holidays. With the clutter of packaging and boxes strewn throughout the house, there is a much higher risk of falling. Once you have finished unwrapping gifts, get as much of the clutter and trash picked up as quickly as possible to reduce any type of tripping hazard. Keep extension cords out of walkways. When you are outside, salt your sidewalks to get rid of any ice that may form when the temperature drops.

    Holiday gatherings are meant to be joyous. Keep your family and friends as safe as possible by eliminating any hazards that could lead to accidents. Our team at Little & Sons Insurance Services wishes you and your family a very Happy & Prosperous Holidays Ahead!

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