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Should You Be Worried About Your Home’s Mold?

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Should You Be Worried About Your Home’s Mold?

Should You Be Worried About Your Home’s Mold?

How to Treat Mold in Your Home 

Mold is a common household problem. It can be caused by poor ventilation, leaks, and moisture in the air, which causes condensation. Everyday activities such as bathing and cooking can cause dampness in the air, leading to condensation and eventually mold. While you may have noticed a few spores pop up around your home, when should you start to worry about the mold problem? While your homeowners insurance in Banning, CA takes care of your home from major incidents, handling the mold is up to you.

The Issue

Mold can cause difficulty breathing, eye irritation, sore throat, sneezing, confusion, rashes, fatigue, and many other symptoms. Dangerous black mold can cause severe respiratory problems, including bleeding in the lungs. In short, mold is bad news. Prevention and early detection are the best ways to fight back against this substance.


Mildew and mold are both fungi, but mildew isn’t as invasive or troublesome as other types of mold. Mildew is often found in wet areas and looks grey/white. It’s flat, powdery, and an easier substance to clean because it only lives on the surface of the material. You can get rid of mildew with a cleaning product such as bleach or vinegar.


Mold can sneak up on a homeowner quickly – the first clue you have mold is a foul odor. If you notice a musty smell, chances are good that mold is hiding somewhere. This type of fungus is fuzzier and darker, but it can grow in a variety of different colors, from bright reds to dark greens. If you see one spot of mold on the surface, there might be much more hidden out of sight. For that reason, mold removal can be expensive and labor intensive.

Small mold problems in the bathroom can be handled with a little elbow grease, but for larger, invasive problems, always seek proper professional help.

Remember, another way to stay safe is by having the right homeowners insurance.  To find the right policies to fit your needs, contact the dedicated professionals at Little & Sons Insurance Services.  Serving Banning and the neighboring cities in California, we are always ready to address your insurance needs.


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