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Who’s Covered Under My Car Insurance Policy?

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Who’s Covered Under My Car Insurance Policy?

Who’s Covered Under My Car Insurance Policy?

Who is Covered While Driving Your Car?

Are you confused about what would happen if you handed your car keys to a friend or sibling and they got into an accident? If you wonder who is covered under your auto insurance policy, you’re not alone. Many motorists are puzzled over this question and many make mistakes by assuming everyone is allowed at the wheel. To learn who your auto insurance in Banning, CA covers, read on.

Family Members

If a relative wants to borrow your car, he or she will generally be covered if they live under the same roof as you. Coverage can be extended to family and friends not living with you because of Permissive Use. For example, if your Grandpa comes to stay with you, he would generally be covered as long as you gave consent for him to drive. If your relative lives with you and plans to use your vehicle regularly for an extended period of time, you will need to add that person to your policy. Remember that whoever goes behind the wheel of your vehicle needs a current driver’s license!


It’s tempting to hand over the keys to your friend when you’re on a long road trip or he or she needs to pop to the store. However, you need to first be sure they are covered. Again, Permissive Use usually covers a friend. If there is an accident while your friend is driving, coverage limits may be less than if you were driving. If your friend has his or her own liability car insurance, this may cover the gap left in coverage if your insurance doesn’t fully cover the loss. In many cases, a driver’s liability coverage will apply whenever he or she is driving another owner’s car.

When it’s you behind the wheel, you need the right auto insurance in Banning to protect you and your passengers. Contact the independent insurance professionals at Little & Sons Insurance Services for all of your car insurance needs in Banning, Beaumont, Calimesa, and surrounding California areas!


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