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Ways to Connect with Your Family by Unplugging

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Ways to Connect with Your Family by Unplugging

Easy Ways to Connect with Your Loved Ones


The weeks spent inside our homes during quarantine may have made us realize just how much time we spend watching TV, playing video games, and using our phones as a family. If this is the case, you may be looking for other ways to connect with your family without technology. Take a look at these simple ideas!


Go on a walk

If you can, go on a family walk together. Walk around your local park or neighborhood and point out wildlife and plants that you see. For little kids, you can make it more fun by setting up a scavenger hunt to help them spot local plants and animals.


Host a talent show

We all have talents. Get the whole family involved and set up a talent show to showcase talents that you’re proud of.


Play board games.

Pull out Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, or any other enjoyable board game! The whole family can get involved and have fun while competing against each other and testing out skills.


Get in the kitchen

Now is a great time to get in the kitchen and either cook or bake with your loved ones. Doing this task helps you to work together as a team to create something that you can all enjoy. Even young children can get involved by measuring out ingredients or mixing items together.


Connecting with technology

If you cannot be with your family at this time, technology can be a saving grace. Apps such as Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime allow you to video call your loved ones and have some much-needed facetime with them. Although it doesn’t replace seeing them face-to-face, it is a great way to connect when you’re not together.


How are you getting the whole family involved? Let us know at Little and Sons Insurance Agency. To find the right insurance to cover your needs, contact the team at Little & Sons Insurance Services! Our dedicated team is ready to help you get the personal insurance you need.


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