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Top-Notch Spring Cleaning Tips for Everyone

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Top-Notch Spring Cleaning Tips for Everyone

Top-Notch Spring Cleaning Tips for Everyone

Spring cleaning is the time we all dawn our apron and latex gloves, and give our homes a thorough cleaning.

Spring. It’s the time when the days get longer, the plants begin to blossom, and everything feels fresh. Our homes, however, are protected from the forces of nature both bad and good. This means that we have to buckle down and give our homes a good and deep scrub to make them feel as fresh as the cool spring breeze. Here are a few things to spring clean when you are ready.

Walls and Ceilings
Use the vacuum hose tool to remove dust from ceilings and walls. Tackle tough surface grim, especially in the kitchen, with a solvent-free degreaser to avoid damaging your walls.

Upholstered Furnishings
Take your cushions outside and beat them by hand to remove any accumulated dust from within their fabric. If there are any stains, check the edges for care labels and proceed according to instructions. You can use a vacuum’s hose tool to clean under the cushion covers.

Windows and Mirrors
Using warm water and vinegar not only disinfects the surfaces, it also leaves them crystal clear with no wipe streaks. Be sure to use a rag, as paper towels can sometimes leave little white fuzzies on surfaces.

Dust Books and Shelves
Take everything off your shelves and tables, and give them a proper wipe down with a dust-removing solution or a duster. Don’t forget to dust your books too to make them look fresh and inviting.

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to freshen our homes. A clean home is important but a protected home is even better; home insurance in Banning can help cover your home against protected perils. The right insurance coverage shouldn’t be a task you have to worry about. Contact Little & Sons Insurance Services.


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