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Summer Risks to Your House – and How to Prevent Them

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Summer Risks to Your House – and How to Prevent Them

While winter can pose some specific dangers to your home, there are just as many risks – if not more – in summer. Although you may just want to relax in your backyard this season, be sure that your loved ones and home are safe before putting your feet up. Along with these tips and home insurance in Banning, CA, you can help to avoid summer dangers in the home.


Preventing Hazards Around the Home During Summer


Dangerous Grilling

If you’re planning on getting the barbecue out this summer, be sure that you know how to light it correctly, how to cook safely, and how to dispose of ash. Place the grill on a stable surface outside and away from flammable materials and low-hanging trees. Keep pets and children away from the grill at all times and never leave it unattended.


Open Doors and Windows

The warmer weather means that we open our windows and doors more often. As such, open and unlocked entry points make for a great invitation for thieves. Get into the habit of locking doors and windows before leaving the house, even when you’re just relaxing in your backyard. Inspect all points of entry to ensure that door locks function properly and that all windows latch correctly.


Fatal Falls

Falls out of windows and off of decks increase during the warm weather months. Make sure upper-level windows do not open more than three inches by using window stops or by installing window guards. Never leave furniture near windows or decks. Make certain that no deck opening is greater than four inches wide.


A little preparation now can go a long way to protecting your loved ones and home this summer. Talk to your home insurance agent today to learn more about how to protect your home with coverage. For all of your homeowners insurance needs, talk to the professionals at Little & Sons Insurance Services, serving Banning and neighboring cities in California.


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