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Safety Tips for Pedestrians and Cyclists

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Safety Tips for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Tips


Biking and walking are great for the environment and for your health! It’s a win-win. We recommend people walk and cycle as much as possible as a recreational activity and as a form of exercise. When doing so outside, it’s important that you stay vigilant to other pedestrians and cyclists in order to stay safe. Take a look at these top safety tips to get started.


Pedestrian Safety Tips:

  • Stay visible. Make sure you’re visible to others when walking at all times. If they can’t see you, then they don’t know you’re there! If you’re going out when it’s dark outside, have a flashlight or wear reflective clothing. Try to stick to well-lit areas.
  • Stay alert. Always remain alert when walking! Avoid looking down at your phone or book, and keep your eyes up at all times. Never assume vehicles see you – try to make eye contact with the driver to ensure they are yielding to you.
  • Stay watchful. Cross the street on designated crosswalks, obey all traffic signals, and keep an eye out for vehicles.


Bicycle Safety Tips

  • Know the traffic signals for cyclists and actively use them when moving on the road.
  • Stay visible with a light on the bike and reflective clothing.
  • Stay alert at all times.
  • Keep an eye out for other cyclists and vehicles that are turning and moving.
  • Always wear a helmet.


We hope that these safety tips keep you safe when you’re traveling on the roads. For quality insurance coverage you need and deserve, contact Little & Sons Insurance Services today.


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