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5 Reasons Why Your Auto Insurance Rates Seems High

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Reasons Why Your Auto Insurance Rates Seems High

5 Reasons Why Your Auto Insurance Rates Seems High

Reasons Why You Could Be Paying More for Auto Insurance 

Motorists across the country are always looking for ways to save on car insurance. So, when they look at their auto insurance premium and see that it’s higher than expected, it’s normal to panic and think that something is wrong. The rate for your car insurance in Banning, CA may seem high, but there’s probably a reason for it. Check out these common reasons why you could be paying more for car insurance. 

You have a history of big claims. Even if you’ve only had a couple of accidents, the payout resulting from those accidents will impact your premium. Someone who has only had a couple of minor fender benders is a much lower risk than someone who has totaled three cars.

 You drive a lot. If you have higher than average mileage and a long commute to work, you are, statistically, more likely to get into an accident than someone who works from home and rarely uses their vehicle. The insurance company will want to know where you live and work so that they can calculate how far you have to drive. If you don’t put a lot of miles on your vehicle, you could be entitled to a discount. 

You live in a high-premium area. There are certain areas of the country that charge a higher insurance premium. If you live in a neighborhood where there is a lot of theft and vandalism, you can expect to pay more for your auto insurance.

You aren’t bundling your policies. If you plan to purchase auto insurance along with home, renters, or life insurance, consider bundling them to save money. Purchasing multiple policies from the same insurer often results in a significant discount.

You have a poor credit score. Insurers have found that drivers with poor credit scores are more likely to file auto insurance claims. If you have a low credit score, the insurer may have raised your premium to compensate for the risk. Work to improve your credit score and your insurance rate should drop.

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