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Misunderstood Policies That Businesses Overlook

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Misunderstood Policies That Businesses Overlook

Different Types of Business Insurance to Consider


As a business owner, you know that there is nothing more important than having the right commercial insurance to protect your business. It works silently in the background and ensures the livelihood of your business if a disaster occurs. As many of us know, all it takes is one uninsured loss to bring even the most successful businesses down. Although you may have a basic commercial insurance policy in place, consider these overlooked coverages that protect your company.


Cyber Liability Insurance

If your business stores data digitally or has any sort of online presence, you should consider cyber liability insurance. Hackers are getting smarter, and it’s not just big businesses that they target. In fact, small and mid-sized businesses are often victims of cyber-attacks because they have limited defenses in place. Insurance helps to recover your business if it is hacked.


Umbrella Liability

You may be thinking that you already have liability coverage in your BOP, so why would you need more? Almost every business, from the largest to a start-up, is at risk of huge liability claims. A commercial umbrella policy provides a layer of protection over and beyond your primary business and commercial auto insurance policy.


Business Interruption Insurance

If your business is forced to close while the building is being repaired after a covered loss, you can rely on business interruption insurance to help you recoup your losses. Whether you need to pay ongoing bills or move to a temporary location, business interruption insurance is there for your company when you need help the most.


Is your business looking for the right coverage? To secure reliable business insurancecontact the experts at Little & Sons Insurance Services. Serving Banning and the surrounding cities in California, we are ready to assist you with all your policy needs.


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