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It’s Motorcycle Awareness Month – Here’s How to Share the Road

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It’s Motorcycle Awareness Month – Here’s How to Share the Road

Share the Road with Other Motorists


Did you know that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month? It’s a time when people are getting their bikes out of storage, polishing them, and preparing them ready for the road ahead. Now, more than ever, it’s important to be kind and look out for others. Whether you’re a motorcyclist, truck driver, or car driver, here are a few tips on how to share the road.



  • Wear a helmet. Hopefully, you already have this covered. A helmet is an essential for safe riding. Wear it whenever you are on your bike.
  • Get comfortable with your motorcycle. You should know where your signals are, how to use them, how to comfortably brake, and manage corners. Do this as soon as possible so that you can focus on the road on each ride.
  • Check your bike beforehand. A quick check to ensure everything is in working order will save you from starting a doomed trip.
  • Drive defensively. Don’t assume that you can be seen by drivers on the road. Give yourself plenty of room to make turns, drive within the speed limit, and don’t cut people off unnecessarily.
  • Be aware of the weather. Looks like rain? Avoid riding your bike in inclement weather.



  • Be aware of your blind spots. Motorcycles are smaller than cars so they can be difficult to see when turning or switching lanes. Be sure to look over your shoulder before moving.
  • Slow down behind motorcycles. Motorcycles don’t handle the road the same way as cars, and they can be much more sensitive to changes on the road. Leave plenty of room so that you have more time to react.
  • Use your turn signals. Regardless of whether motorcycles, cars, pedestrians are on the road, you should use your turn signals to help others on the road anticipate your next move.
  • Take care when making left turns. With any turns, be aware of motorcycles on the road and how fast they are going if you are turning. Left turns can be particularly dangerous due to your blind spots.


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