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How Your Insurance Can Pay for Damaged Landscaping

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How Your Insurance Can Pay for Damaged Landscaping

Is Landscaping Covered Under My Homeowners Insurance Policy? 

Summer is here, and many people are gearing up for yard work. Your yard is an essential part of the appeal of your home, and requires some care and expense to maintain it. Many people invest their time and money into their landscape to enhance their property. You may be concerned about how your homeowners insurance in Calimesa, CA will respond to damage to your landscaping, including trees, shrubs, lighting, fencing, and walkways.

Most standard homeowners insurance policies provide some limited coverage for landscaping under certain conditions. A standard policy generally provides some coverage for landscaping if fire, explosion, lighting, vandalism, theft, or a vehicle causes the damage.

Keep in mind that if the weather causes damage to your landscaping, it may not be covered. Damage caused by disease or insects is also typically excluded under a standard homeowners insurance policy.

Each policy will have sub-limits for landscaping. You may also consider purchasing additional insurance to increase your landscaping coverage limits to ensure it is properly protected. In some policies, landscaping coverage may be limited to a percentage of the total protection provided for the dwelling structure. In addition, you’ll likely find that there are limits set on how much a policy will pay to help replace each tree or shrub.

Homeowners should also note that the deductible will need to be paid before any coverage kicks in. Now is the time to read through your policy or contact your agent to learn the terms and conditions of any landscaping coverage that your policy provides.

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