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How to Store Watercraft for Winter

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How to Store Watercraft for Winter

Prepare Your Summer Watercraft for Winter Hibernation


As the temperatures drop and the nights draw in, now is the time to think about getting your summer toys ready for the winter ahead. From reviewing your insurance in Banning, CA to giving your boat or jet ski a thorough clean, here are a few ways to store your watercraft for winter.


  • Take precautions to prevent issues

Even though California doesn’t suffer from the coldest winters or the heaviest snowfall, it’s still wise to take precautions to prevent issues like the spread of rust and corrosion. Moisture can intrude and freeze, lubrication can congeal and neglect can take root over the long and cold months.


  • Keep it clean

Improper cleaning could put your vessel at risk of mold, mildew or even corrosion caused by electrical charges within the dust. To prevent build-up, wash fixtures thoroughly and ensure that everything is dry before you lay up, giving the metal a polish to protect it.


  • Remove and winterize motors

If your boat is to be left in the water throughout the winter, it must be thoroughly flushed to prevent corrosion. Remove and winterize motors, storing them in a dry and dust-free environment with the battery stored safely.


  • Add fuel treatment

Make sure to add stabilizer to your boat’s fuel. Once you’ve added it, run the engine for 10 minutes to make sure the fuel circulates throughout the engine. If the stabilizer is not added, the carburetors and fuel injectors can be clogged with varnish deposits that ruin fuel systems.


  • Review your insurance

Even if your boat is in winter storage, it is still susceptible to natural disasters like fire and flooding. Also, theft and vandalism can occur when you least expect it. Make sure to obtain the right insurance for your watercraft throughout winter and beyond.


Although your summer vehicles are not in use during the off-season, it’s important to have year-round insurance coverage. Anything can happen to your beloved vehicles in storage, and insurance can help in the case of theft, fire, or damage. So that you can enjoy the last days of sun, contact the team at Little & Sons Insurance Services to secure your reliable insurance coverage for your summer vehicles.


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