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How to: Safely Disposing of Your Christmas Tree

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How to: Safely Disposing of Your Christmas Tree

How to Dispose your Christmas Tree

Safely disposing of your Christmas tree will help to protect your home.

Putting up your Christmas tree at the beginning of the holiday season can help your home feel a little more joyous. However, now that the holidays are over, you may be thinking of your tree as a burden.

As you continue to pick up hundreds of needles from your ground, you may be wondering exactly what you should do with your dwindling tree. Use these tips to figure out how to dispose of your Christmas tree.

Recycle it

Most communities will offer curbside for Christmas trees after the holiday season. If you are planning on recycling your tree, take all tinsel, lights, and ornaments off of it. Cut your tree down into 4-foot portions to make it easier to pick up. Place the cut up tree next to your green trash can within two weeks of the holidays for it to get picked up with your regular trash collection.

Get creative

Cut the trunk of the tree into thin slices and create your own ornament for next year. Thin slices of the trunk can also be used as coasters throughout your house. Find a local business that will chip up the tree to create mulch for your garden. If you bought a rooted plant, you can simply re-plant the tree in your yard for next year.

No matter what you decide to do with your Christmas tree after the holidays, make sure you do it safely. Never try to burn your tree in your fireplace to get rid of it since the fire can easily get out of hand. While your tree is still in your house, make sure to keep it watered to help reduce the chances of a house fire.

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