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How Important is Driving Experience for Auto Insurance Rates?

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How Important is Driving Experience for Auto Insurance Rates? senior driver in a car

How Important is Driving Experience for Auto Insurance Rates?

Driving Experience and Auto Insurance


You may be applying for vehicle insurance but you don’t have a lot of experience. Maybe you’re an experienced driver with 40+ years of accident-free driving history and you’re looking for a discount. How important is driving experience when it comes to calculating insurance rates? We take a look at how your driving experience impacts your auto insurance rates.


Inexperienced drivers typically pay more for insurance

Generally, the more driving experience you have, the less likely you are to get in a collision all other things begin equal. If you have a long history of safely driving on city roads, then the insurance company is going to look at you more favorably than someone who has 2 years of safe driving experience.


The number of years you’ve been licensed is a factor

Say you’re a 35-year-old driver who is applying for car insurance for the first time. You’ve never had an insurance policy before, but you’re not considered a young driver. Unfortunately for you, the insurance company may see you as a risky driver – almost as risky as a younger driver. That is because you have no real verifiable driving history. In the eyes of the insurance company, you are inexperienced driver even if you got your driver’s license the day you turned 16.


If you have 20 years of continuous insurance coverage with no history of accident, then the insurance company sees you as a good, low-risk, experienced driver.


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