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Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

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Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Many people decorate their homes for the holidays and you may too. Do you know how to do so safely?

Many homes across the U.S. will decorate their homes for the holidays. Most will hang lights, place a pine tree, ornate their homes with ornaments, or all three at once! But as beautiful as these decorations are, they can also cause some real damage to your family and home. If you want to make sure that your decorations are safe in your home, make sure you follow these holiday decorating safety tips.

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Holiday Ornaments

Ornaments look beautiful when they are hung throughout your beautiful house. But glass ornaments can be an issue if you have curious small children or pets. Glass ornaments can shatter into fine shards that can lacerate the skin and leave a deep and bloody wound on unsuspecting feet (or paws). To avoid nasty cuts, you should consider buying plastic ornaments or hanging your glass ornaments high above the reach of children and large pets.

Holiday Tree

Pine trees can make any home look wonderful. The only bad thing is that dry wood is incredibly flammable. If possible, opt to buy a plastic, fireproof tree. Outside of putting it together, they don’t require any maintenance and modern fake trees look almost as good as fake trees.
If you MUST buy a real tree, make sure that you water it well to keep the wood and needles damp. It only takes two seconds for a dry pine tree to be completely engulfed by flames,

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