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Driving in Summer Heat: Keep Your Cool on the Roads

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Driving in Summer Heat: Keep Your Cool on the Roads

Cool Tips for Driving in Hot Weather Conditions


Although summer can be a joy, the hotter months can make driving a car downright uncomfortable. If you leave your car parked in the sun on an 85°F day, you might return to find that the interior temperature has reached 130°F in a matter of minutes. Not only can this be dangerous, but it can make drivers frustrated and flustered behind the wheel. To keep cool, take a look at these tips.


Park in the shade

Parking in the shade can help to keep your car cooler so keep an eye out for those spots. If no shade is available, park your car so that the front end is facing away from the sun. This helps to let in less sunlight as the back window is smaller than the front window.


Use a car shade

Car shades can help to keep your dashboard and seats from becoming incredibly hot. If you have a car shade, use it when you park up, even if the temperatures are not that high yet.


Crack the windows

As you wait for your A/C to kick in, crack the windows. This encourages the hot air that has risen to go out of the window so that the cooled air from the A/C can take its place. Once you feel the A/C working in full force, wind the windows back up.


Remember safety

Even a parked car in the shade with the windows down can reach oven temperatures in a matter of minutes. For this reason, never ever leave children or animals in a car. If you’re leaving the car, even for just a moment, take your child and pet with you.


Prevent the engine overheating

Check (or have a mechanic check) that your vehicle has the proper amount of antifreeze and coolant. Both of these fluids will help maintain engine temperature, whether it’s cool or hot outside.


The summer months can make for some unpleasant driving due to the high heat. With these tips, you can remain comfortable and safe. For quality auto insurance that will see you through summer and beyond, contact Little & Sons Insurance Services today.


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