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Do’s and Don’ts of Giving Back Around the Holidays

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Do’s and Don’ts of Giving Back Around the Holidays

Effective Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season


Giving back has always been a large focus throughout November and December. Between canned-food drives, giving-tree decorations, and financial gifts, giving back to the local community is worthwhile and there’s something for everyone. To help you give back this season, take a look at our helpful do’s and don’ts.



  • Donate the necessities. Never overlook the importance of a first-aid kit, a package of diapers, or a thick, winter coat. Think about things you take for granted this season so that you can give a better gift.
  • Donate diversely. Poverty can affect all walks of life. Consider donating shampoo and conditioner for the opposite hair type as you. Give gluten-free and meat-free snacks to food banks. Think outside of the typical donation box.
  • Have a budget. Donating more than you can afford may hurt your finances, making it more difficult to give back in the future.
  • Do your research. Make sure you’re giving to a reputable charity where your goods, services, or money will be beneficial.
  • Spread the love. You don’t just have to pick one cause or Donations are greatest when shared – so pick a couple of causes close to your heart to help.



  • Don’t donate junk. No one wants stained clothing or food that has expired.
  • Don’t forget about processing fees. Some organizations will charge a processing fee for credit card donations.


How are you giving back this season? Let us know! To find the right insurance to cover your needs, contact the team at Little & Sons Insurance Services! Our dedicated team is ready to help you get the personal insurance you need.


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