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Considering Solar Panels? Here’s What You Should Know About Insurance

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Considering Solar Panels? Here’s What You Should Know About Insurance man installing solar panels on the roof of a house

Considering Solar Panels? Here’s What You Should Know About Insurance

Going Solar and Its Impact on Your Home Insurance


Going solar is one of the greatest ways you can combat climate change at home and make a positive impact. Not only that, but you get to save money on utility bills down the line. Solar energy systems are a permanent attachment to your property, which raises certain questions for homeowners. To understand how solar panels affect your home insurance in Beaumont, CA read on.


Some insurance policies cover solar panels.

Some insurance policies will cover solar panels as part of the insured dwelling. This means that if your solar panels experience damage from a covered peril such as a fire, explosion, hail, or vandalism, your policy will step in to help repair and replace them (up to your policy limits). If you are unsure whether your policy covers solar panels, contact your insurance agency.


Installation may or may not be covered.

Installing solar panels is no small fete, and it takes a lot of time for dedicated professionals to install these complex machines correctly. In some cases, an insurer will be willing to cover the installation process. If you want additional peace of mind surrounding the installation of your panels, be sure to work with an experienced and licensed solar company.


The value of your property will increase.

Even if your insurance policy protects your solar panels without requiring additional coverage, it’s a good idea to review your policy anyway. Solar panels are a large investment and will undoubtedly increase the value of your property. For this reason, you may consider increasing coverage so that your solar panels are adequately protected.


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