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Consequences of Going Without Homeowners Insurance

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Consequences of Going Without Homeowners Insurance

Consequences of Going Without Homeowners Insurance

What Happens If You Don’t Have Homeowners Insurance?


Homeowners insurance in Calimesa, CA is a very important policy to have. If you a home loan, it is likely that your lender will have required you to take out coverage. If you own your home outright, you may not be required to have insurance. If this is the case, should you go without home coverage? Take a look at the consequences of not having such coverage in place.


Disasters can happen at any time. Although California isn’t known for its snow storms and frigid temperatures, disasters still occur. Homeowners have to be aware of severe storms, floods, wildfires, and more. If your home is not properly protected by homeowners insurance, you will be responsible for any damage or loss that your property experiences from such events. This also means that if a water pipe bursts in your home or a fire tears through your kitchen, you will be on the hook for recovering your property.


Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage against accidents that take place in the home or on the property. If someone gets injured while visiting you, you may be responsible for their medical expenses and legal expenses if they decide to sue.


Disasters and accidents threaten homes and personal property, which is why homeowners insurance is so valuable to have. Without coverage, you leave your property and belongings at risk of damage and loss.


For all of your homeowners insurance needs, talk to the professionals at Little & Sons Insurance Services, serving Banning and neighboring cities in California.


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