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Common Insurance Assumptions to Avoid

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Common Insurance Assumptions to Avoid

Common Insurance Assumptions to Avoid

Insurance offers financial protection which prompts many to make false assumptions about coverage and gaps. When it comes to insurance, you should know what separates fiction from fact.

During the age of information, one would assume that society would leap to new intellectual bounds and push the limit as most Americans have a tiny computer with access to all the world’s knowledge and information right in their pocket. But, perhaps unsurprisingly, the exact opposite has occurred. Many people choose to believe in falsehoods despite the overwhelming physical evidence to the contrary.

This goes for insurance, too, and many false assumptions may affect you more immediately than other assumptions. Here are common insurance assumptions you should definitely avoid and stop making immediately.

  1. Umbrella Insurance Covers Everything
    Umbrella insurance covers the gaps between your home and auto insurance, yes, but only up to a limit and only once your other forms of liability have been depleted. So if the damage you caused exceeds even your umbrella policy, you’ll be on your own for payment. This is why you must purchase insurance that meets all of your needs.
  2. You Don’t Need to Review Your Policy at Renewal
    Just because you insured what you needed the first time around, does not mean you should skip the review of your policy at renewal. If you made any recent purchases or refurbished your home, you may need to update your policy to match the new cost of coverage. If these new and expensive items get damaged, they will not be covered because of their high market value.

Believing in a falsehood will affect you and your loved ones in one way or another. Insurance assumptions affect your coverage and your wallet. For help finding the right insurance in Redlands, California, and the surrounding cities, contact the insurance professionals at Little & Sons Insurance Services today.


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