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Clean Up Your Classic Car and Get is Ready for the Road

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Clean Up Your Classic Car and Get is Ready for the Road

Prepare Your Classic Car for Safe Driving


Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. Now is the time for classic car enthusiasts to consider getting their beloved vehicle out of storage and ready for the road – if they haven’t made a start already! To help, we’ve rounded up a few must-do tips to clean up your classic car and get it ready for safe driving. From reviewing your auto insurance in Banning, CA to testing the lights, here is what you should do.


Do a thorough visual inspection.

Even though you haven’t turned the wheel since November, your car has still been subject to the environment, which means that hoses and belts could have cracked over winter. Check the windshield wipers and tires to ensure they are in good condition, too. Also, consider cleaning and checking your battery. If it’s flat, put it on the charger.


Check fluids and top up if necessary.

Fluids are an important part of what makes your car run efficiently. Brake fluid tends to pick up moisture, so check it with a test strip. Check your antifreeze, too. Review all of your fluids and top them up as necessary.


Make sure all lights work.

Check that all the headlights, turn signals, and brake lights are working. If bulbs have blown or are looking dim, replace them before heading out on the roads – even if you plan on just driving during daylight.


Wash it.

Even cars that have been sitting in a garage under a sheet can get dusty. Give it a good wash and then dry it thoroughly. If it’s nice outside, put a coat of wax on it. Waxing a car twice a year will protect the finish.


Review your insurance.

It’s almost time to head out for a spin – but not quite yet. Ensure that your classic car insurance policy is up to par. Because you know that your vehicle is unlike any other, you shouldn’t settle for an average car insurance policy. Work with a specialist to ensure you have great coverage on hand.


Classic car insurance is there when you need it the most. To secure reliable coverage, contact the experts at Little & Sons Insurance Services. Serving Banning and the surrounding cities in California, we are ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.


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