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5 Ways to Maintain Your Classic Car’s Value

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5 Ways to Maintain Your Classic Car’s Value

Maintain your classic car’s value with maintenance, TLC, and auto insurance in Banning.

A classic car can provide a number of priceless experiences, whether you drive it regularly or only on special weekends! Whether you’ve preserved your beloved vehicle for decades or have just acquired one, you are certainly familiar with its intangible values. You can help to preserve your vehicle’s value with these tips and auto insurance in Banning.

Avoid Modifications

Modifications can be fun for your own personal use and enjoyment. However, if you are looking to preserve the resale value of your vehicle, modifications are not the best way to do so.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Not only does routine maintenance assist you in avoiding costly repairs, but it also demonstrates that you have properly maintained and cared for your vehicle. Even if your classic car looks good, if it’s in bad condition under the hood, the value will dramatically drop. Keep all paperwork and receipts of work done to the vehicle, too.

Store Properly

If you live in an extremely hot or cold climate and have the means to store your car indoors, do it! Excessive exposure to the sun can fade the paint and the extreme cold can cause major issues to the internal engine.

Keep It Clean

Make time to get your car thoroughly cleaned to avoid dirt build-up and grime. Dirt can lead to chipping paint, poor performance, and rusted parts. After washing your car, rinse and dry the vehicle thoroughly to remove soap scum. You could also add a coat of wax to protect it against the elements and maintain its classy look.

Maintain Originality

Repairing an original part instead of replacing it will help to boost the value of the vehicle. The more original parts remaining in the vehicle, the better. If you do have to replace something, try to source an old stock part instead of finding a modern equivalent.

Classic cars are not only a valuable possession but they also increase in value if you maintain them with the utmost care. Do you have the right protection for your vehicle? The team at Little & Sons Insurance Services can help you to secure quality classic car insurance in Banning and neighboring cities in California.


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