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What Does Workers’ Compensation in Banning Cover?

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What Does Workers' Compensation Cover?

What Does Workers’ Compensation in Banning Cover?

Workers’ compensation in Banning is a policy that can protect your business from the costs and fees that come from an employee injury or illness. 

Workers’ compensation covers the costs that come with an employee work-related injury or illness. This includes immediate things like the ride to the hospital in an ambulance and long-term costs like rehabilitation and/or lost wages. In workers’ comp, there is also a portion that can be allocated to help pay the court fees should your employee decide to sue you. Here is a more detailed look at what workers’ compensation in Banning covers.

  1. Legal and Court Fees
    You may have seen a little red flag wave in front of you as you read “court fees” in the paragraph above, so let’s deal with that first. If an employee gets hurt or falls ill at work and thinks your business is to blame, they may sue you. Workers’ comp can help pay for the legal fees that follow the lawsuit. It is worth mentioning that an “exclusive remedy”–a clause in workers’ compensation–removes an employee’s right to sue you upon accepting the benefits of workers’ comp (with few exceptions).
  2. Medical Costs for Injuries/Illness
    You should do everything in your power to prevent any accidents from occurring, but humans are clumsy creatures and prone to accidents so you will need another form of defense. Workers’ compensation offers to pay the medical bills of your employees.
  3. Missed Wages and Rehabilitation 
    If your employee’s injury or illness inhibits their physical or mental ability to work, they will miss time and paychecks. This could be detrimental to their way of life, and may turn to the law to fix this issue. Workers’ compensation can pay for their missed wages–or at least a portion of them.
    It can also pay for physical therapy and rehab.

Finding the right workers’ compensation and commercial insurance in Calimesa, CA can help to keep your Southern California company covered in case of an employee injury/illness. Serving Beaumont, Banning, Calimesa, Redlands, and surrounding areas, contact the insurance professionals at Little & Sons Insurance Services for all of your commercial insurance needs.

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