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Shut Off Your Home’s Utilities in an Emergency

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Shut Down Your Home’s Utilities in an Emergency, homeowners insurance in Calimesa, CA

Shut Off Your Home’s Utilities in an Emergency

While having comprehensive homeowners insurance in Calimesa, CA is important, there are other things you can do to secure your home and loved ones following a natural disaster.

Unfortunately, a natural disaster can strike suddenly and with little warning.  That’s why it’s important that you always be prepared to deal with an emergency situation.  While having the right homeowners insurance in Calimesa, CA is a great way to be ready for the worst, there are other things you can do to protect your home and family.  For instance, shutting off your home’s utilities following an emergency can help to mitigate some of your risks.  Learn how to turn off your home’s access to water, electricity, and natural gas today.


If your pipes are damaged during a natural disaster, they could contaminate the water supply.  To prevent this unsafe water from entering your home, you’ll need to shut off your home’s access to water.  To do this, you’ll need to locate your home’s main water shut-off valve.  This valve should be located somewhere along your main water line and it should be clearly marked.  Once you find this valve, turn the handle clockwise until you feel it close it completely.  Once your water is off, you should keep it off until your water supply is declared safe for use and consumption.


Damaged electrical appliances could start sparking.  If your home has a gas leak, these sparks could ignite and start a serious fire in your home.  To prevent this from happening, you should shut off your home’s electricity immediately after a natural disaster.  To shut off your electricity, you’ll have to find your home’s electrical circuit box.  Once you locate it, flip off all the circuits before turning off the main breaker (this should be located somewhere at the top of the electrical panel).  You should keep your electricity switched off until you are sure that your home doesn’t have any gas leaks.

Natural Gas

Finally, a natural disaster can cause gas leaks all over your home.  A gas leak increases your chances of fire, and it can be damaging to your family’s health.  To prevent these dangers, you should shut off your home’s access to natural gas.  As every home has their own unique water meter configuration, you’ll have to contact your local utility company to learn the proper gas shut-off procedure for your home.  Once you know the steps, post the instructions near your gas meter so anyone can shut off your gas in an emergency.  Please be aware that, while you can turn your gas off, you’ll need a trained professional to turn it back on for you.

Use this guide to help you secure your home and loved ones following a natural disaster.  Remember, another way to stay safe is by having the right homeowners insurance in Calimesa, CA.  To find the right policies to fit your needs, contact the dedicated professionals at Little & Sons Insurance Services.  Serving Banning and the neighboring cities in California, we are always ready to address your insurance needs.

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