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How to Decide Between Comprehensive and Collision Insurance?

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Comprehensive and collision insurance

How to Decide Between Comprehensive and Collision Insurance?

Unlike liability coverage, comprehensive and collision insurance aren’t mandatory in California or any other state. You can legally drive without these types of auto insurance in Beaumont, CA, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important or useful. Both can protect you from the loss of your car in a covered peril. Read on to learn more about the benefit of having collision and comprehensive car insurance.

What Is the Difference Between Comprehensive and Collision Insurance?

While comprehensive and collision insurance compensates the policyholder, they don’t cover the same perils. Collision insurance covers damage to your car in events like:

  • Hitting a wall, fence, or another object
  • When you’re at fault for crashing into another car
  • When the other driver is liable for damage to your car

If your vehicle is stolen, a comprehensive auto policy can help you buy another one. It also covers the replacement or repair of your car after being damaged by:

  • Storms, flooding, or tornadoes
  • Falling trees and other objects
  • Fire
  • Accidents involving animals
  • Vandalism
  • Riots

What Is the Cost of Comprehensive and Collision Insurance?

Common factors that determine the general cost of comprehensive and collision insurance are:

  • The state you live in
  • Amount of coverage
  • Your insurance company

Depending on your carrier, the annual cost for having both comprehensive and collision coverage ranges from about $600 to $1,000 or more.

Estimating the Cost of Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Full coverage means having the maximum auto liability coverage available in your state and the optional collision and comprehensive insurance. Its average cost also varies by location.

However, factors unique to you can impact your specific full coverage premium rates. These include:

  • The value of your car
  • Your driving/accident claims record
  • Your deductibles (choosing a higher amount lowers your premium rates)

The national average for a motorist with a blemish-free driving history is about $1,430 per year. In states like Michigan and Louisiana, drivers may pay higher rates (up to $2,000 or more) than the national average for a full auto insurance package.

Tips for Saving on Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

You can save on your auto insurance costs in practical ways like:

  • Shopping around for the best deal: While many factors influence your comprehensive and collision insurance costs, switching carriers can save you hundreds of dollars per year. Nonetheless, you need to compare auto insurance quotes from several providers to select the most affordable coverage for your needs.
  • Pick a higher deductible: Raising your deductibles means you’ll pay more out of pocket to repair or replace your car before your comprehensive and collision insurance kicks in. Deductible amounts as high as $2,000 are possible with many car insurance policies.

Should I Get Comprehensive and Collision Insurance?

You can assess your full coverage requirements based on factors like:

  • When taking out a car loan, your bank will require comprehensive and collision coverage for the car
  • Whether potential replacement or repair costs for your brand new car are too high for you
  • You live in an area extremely prone to perils like car theft and severe weather damage
  • Is your car so old that its replacement cost is not worth the cumulative insurance cost?

As you evaluate the value of your car for insurance purposes, remember there’s an amount you’ll pay out of pocket toward repairing or replacing it after a covered loss.

These are some of the important facts to keep in mind when deciding whether to purchase comprehensive and collision coverage. If you are experiencing any issues related to auto insurance in Beaumont, CA, contact our team at Little & Sons Insurance Services today. We’re happy to answer your questions and help with your car insurance needs.

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