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Quick Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

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Quick Cyber Security Tips for Small Business

Quick Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

Hackers are increasingly targeting smaller businesses. Why? Because they have few defenses set up, no IT recovery team on hand to help, and valuable information in reach. Small business owners often think their small company is immune to hackers and cyberattacks. However, all too often, these smaller organizations struggle to recover from such an event. To help, we’ve rounded up some must-know cybersecurity tips for small businesses.

Digital and Email Security Tips for Small Businesses

Create and Enforce Password Policies

You should implement password policies that require all users to set strong and secure passwords. It should include capitals, lower-case letters, a number, and a special character. Teach employees how to create secure passwords and insist on changing them regularly.

Security Awareness Training

Make sure you provide the workforce with regular security awareness training to create a culture of cybersecurity. Cover the security basics, safe internet use, how to handle sensitive data, and mobile device security. All employees should know how to spot and handle a threat.


It’s essential to have a good backup policy. In the event of a disaster, such as a ransomware attack, your business needs to be able to recover critical data. Backups must be tested to make sure files can be recovered. Don’t wait until disaster strikes to implement this plan.

Software and Firmware Updates

Vulnerabilities are regularly found in computer software, which is why there are regular updates. Make sure your software is 100% up-to-date, and the most recent firmware has been installed. Implement automatic updates where possible and create a schedule for updates if they need to be manually activated.

Encrypt Everything

Encrypt all emails, devices, and drives containing sensitive information to make sure only authorized parties can decode and access the information.

Prevent Physical Theft

While protecting your digital data, remember that your hardware can also be stolen. Therefore, ask your employees to safeguard their laptops and mobile phones that contain essential information.

Ensure Your Affiliates’ and Customers’ Cyber Security Policy

Be aware of the cybersecurity practices of your customers and affiliates who have access to your system or data. It is good to check them before you grant access to anyone.

Avoid Free Anti-Virus Software

There are many free anti-virus software available for download. However, only a few can offer the protection you need, while others may contain malware, so make sure to avoid them.

Review Your Systems 

Hire a consulting company or an IT specialist to audit your system for vulnerability to cyber theft.  This way, you can make changes accordingly and add an extra layer of protection to your systems.

Set up Virtual Private Networks

Virtual private networks can secure your company’s information by encrypting all traffic that enters and leaves your systems. So, even if someone manages to access your system, they will only get the encrypted data.

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