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Can Your Car Model Impact Your Auto Insurance Rates?

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Auto Insurance Rates

Can Your Car Model Impact Your Auto Insurance Rates?

The make and model of your vehicle can influence your auto insurance rates. Auto insurance providers analyze crash data concerning a vehicle’s make and model, notifying the insurers of the types of vehicles that are risky to insure. Also, if your vehicle has expensive parts to repair or replace, you’ll pay higher premiums compared to more standard vehicles. Here’s a closer look at how the make and model of your vehicle impact auto insurance rates in Redlands, CA.

A Car’s Make

A car’s make is another way to describe the company that has manufactured the car. The manufacturing company’s reputation can impact your auto insurance rates.

A Car’s Model

A car’s model is the product line that the company sells. Each car manufacturer makes several models that come with unique features. The car model can also affect your auto insurance premium.

Other Factors Besides Make and Model That Impacts Premiums

Remember that just because you and another driver have the same make and model, that does not mean you’ll pay similar auto insurance premiums. There are multiple factors that insurers will look at, such as:

  • Year of Manufacture

    Newer vehicles are worth more than older vehicles. If you purchase a new car, you’ll pay higher premiums. However, if you have a classic or a collectible car, that will also increase your auto insurance prices.

  • Fancy Add-Ons

    Many car owners enjoy adding special features such as the latest sound system, sunroof, internet access, and other similar amenities. However, adding these features increases your auto insurance premiums. If you are working under a budget, it’s recommended that you use your car’s base model features.

  • Size of The Vehicle

    In addition to the make and model, the size of your vehicle also impacts your auto insurance premium. Driving a truck, jeep, or any other heavy vehicle will increase your premiums because larger vehicles cause greater damage if involved in a collision.

  • Repair and Maintenance Costs

    Each vehicle has different repair costs based on its make and model. Foreign and luxury vehicles are considered more expensive to fix than domestic and lower-end vehicles, and purchasing a high-end car means you’ll pay higher premiums.

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  • Added Safety Features

    Auto insurance companies may offer you a discount if you install enhanced safety features to your vehicle as they reduce the likelihood of getting involved in an accident. Installing safety features such as an anti-theft system, anti-lock brakes, and electronic stability control on your vehicle may convince the insurer to charge you less insurance rate.

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  • Increased Coverage

    While researching different auto insurance Redlands CA policies, be aware that the type of coverage you plan to add to your vehicle also impacts your auto insurance premiums. Perhaps you only want to maintain minimum liability coverage on your vehicle. You may want to add collision and comprehensive coverage to your policy, especially if you plan to drive regularly. Also, you may want to add extra coverage to your policy, such as emergency roadside assistance. The more coverage you add to your auto insurance policy, the higher the premiums will be.


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