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3 Things You Need to Do in a Fender Bender

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3 Things You Need to Do in a Fender Bender

3 Things You Need to Do in a Fender Bender

How to React in a Fender Bender Accident


Whether you just got your license or you are looking for how to be better prepared on the road, you should know how to handle a fender bender accident. Getting into a car wreck is never a pleasant experience, but you can help to resolve it quickly by knowing how to handle it. Take a look at these three things you should do in a fender bender.


Stop and call for help

Even if the accident is minor, always pull over to the side of the road safely and turn off your engine. Even if you just nudged the vehicle in front and there isn’t even a scratch, make sure that you and the other driver aren’t injured. If you see any kind of damage to the vehicles, call the police.


Use your camera

Pull out your smartphone and start taking notes. Exchange information by writing down the other driver’s name, license number, and insurance, etc. Also use your camera to snap a picture of the other driver, their license, license plate, insurance card, and the damage to both vehicles. If possible, take a shot of the intersection, street signs, and traffic lights.


File the report and call your insurance agent

Cooperate with the police officer at the scene and make sure the police report is filed. If no officer responded, head straight to the police department and file a report yourself. Once all the necessities are dealt with, call your insurance agent to report them of the accident. From here, they will be able to direct you on how to file a claim with ease.


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