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3 Common Appliances That Cause Home Fires

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Common Appliances That Cause Home Fires

3 Common Appliances That Cause Home Fires

Major Home Appliances That Can Spark a Fire

Of all the disasters that befall our homes, one of the most common is fire. It can also be one of the deadliest and devastating, causing smoke and fire damage to our precious homes and belongings, as well as our health. Fires can quickly spread through a property once it has sparked, leaving no hope in its path. That is why it is so important to be fire aware and fire safe. The good news is that most home fires are preventable. You may be aware that some home appliances are capable of starting a fire. To protect your home, understand how to prevent appliance fires and secure reliable homeowners insurance in Redlands, CA.



Dryers are one of the worst culprits for fires. Praised for their convenience, this appliance is common in many homes throughout the states. Unfortunately, they pose a major fire risk if not well maintained. The dryer vent can get clogged with lint. The lint slowly builds up to the filter or exhaust duct. The lint blocks the flow of air, causing heat to build up. One minor spark can send the dry and hot lint up in flames. Always make sure you clean out the lint filter, regularly remove the exhaust duct, and clean out the build-up of lint from in there.



The ability to warm food and drinks in a mere few seconds has made microwaves a popular favorite among homeowners and students. However, older microwaves are not as fire-savvy as the newer versions. What’s more, putting the wrong type of material into the microwave is a simple mistake, but a huge risk. Experts recommend replacing your microwave after five years and taking extra caution when using them.



Every home has a working fridge, allowing people to keep food and drink chilled. Because it is used to keep items cool, nobody thinks of it as a fire risk. Like all appliances, however, fridges can wear out. A worn out and overheated compressor can easily spark a fire. If your fridge is starting to slow down, feel hot, and is getting old, consider renewing it.


Learn more about your home’s fire risk by reading the top causes of electrical fires. Talk with your insurance agent if you’re unsure about how your home insurance can help after a fire. The team at Little & Sons Insurance Services in Banning, California can help find reliable coverage! Contact us today to get started.


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